Change All Passwords


Today, we’re diving into the crucial step of changing all passwords to strengthen your website’s security after a hack. Passwords Think of passwords as the keys to your website’s doors. After a security breach, it’s like someone stole your keys, so you need new ones. Here’s what you should do: But how do you remember all these strong, unique passwords? That’s where password managers come to the rescue. Password Managers These are like your secret vaults for passwords. They can: Using a password manager makes your life easier and your website safer. Today, we’ve learned how crucial it is to change all passwords to protect your website. Now that your online fortress is getting stronger, help your family and friends with a Password Book.


Data spreadsheet

Quickly learn how to do the following in a spreadsheet: freeze panes, autofill sequential information, and use sum, count, and average

Safeguarding Your Online Business

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Discover the striking similarities between securing your website and protecting a physical house. In this insightful blog post, we explore the vulnerable areas of your website, from the front door to emergency preparedness, and provide actionable tips to fortify your online fortress. Don’t leave your digital house exposed to threats – learn how to safeguard your online business today!

Copyright Year and Symbol

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Discover the importance of an up-to-date copyright year and symbol on your website. Stay informed, protect your content, stay current!