The Password Book

The Password Book

Keep usernames and passwords all in one place. Usernames and passwords are virtual “keys” to get into the “doors” of different websites. Don’t get locked out anymore, with your very own Password Book.



Who Might Benefit from Using The Password Book

If you are:

  • not comfortable with your passwords being online
  • not tech-savvy
  • caring for a loved one who often forgets his/her passwords
  • keeping your passwords on post-it notes
  • not even trying to remember your passwords
  • the loved one who forgets passwords

How to use The Password Book by HerWebBlooms


  1. Download document 
  2. Open document in a browser
    (Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Safari, Opera, etc)
  3. Type in the document, make changes
  4. Download from within browser tab WITH changes
download document with changes


  1. Save to Google Drive
  2. Open in Google Drive
  3. Save answers

Third-party PDF editors or readers may also allow for typing within the document. Feel free to email and let us know so that we can share that information with other readers.

Navigating The Password Book

  • On the Categories page, enter category name for password (such as Finance, Banking, Email, Google, House, Photos, etc)
  • The circle next to each Category name is a link to that page in the book
  • Once on an entry page, tap the word Category in the upper left to go back to the Categories page
  • Tap the website name to visit

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